Renovation of server rooms

Renovation: a specialist case

The renovation of server rooms is an increasingly desirable task. Nowadays, unlike in the past, server racks are mostly placed on raised floors. This is in order to design the space as efficiently and safely as possible in relation to cabling and cooling. Refurbishing a server room is a sensitive issue, as in almost all cases it causes damage when the equipment goes offline. To prevent this from happening, Alteco completely renovates into a live situation. No damage, no loss.

Lifts switch boxes / server racks

The renovation or installation of an underlying floor is realised while the server racks or switch boxes remain fully operational.

Specially trained technicians lift the servers’ racks or cabinets so that the substructure can be built. Lifting is of short duration, as the substructure is directly load-bearing.

The installation floors are made up of a stable supporting structure made of steel and removable panels in various versions. After completion, the floor can easily be changed or expanded.

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Savings and benefits thanks to an Alteco floor

Alteco offers floor systems with a high dynamic and static stability, extensive expertise and a high degree of flexibility in the execution possibilities. In addition, Alteco offers a very optimal price/performance ratio. These characteristics ensure that Alteco is involved in modern, sustainable and special projects worldwide.

Cost-saving through efficiency in design and realisation

The levelling frames for UPS and air conditioning cabinets, among others, are integrated in the substructure. The substructure is completely assembled in a conductive manner, making an earth grid superfluous. The installation floor can be completed at a much more advantageous time (after watering the building) and with considerable time and cost savings.

Outstanding quality, flexibility and stability go hand in hand

The installation floors are fire resistant, suitable for intensive cabling and large air ducts and can easily be modified or extended. These floors are completely detachable, can be assembled in several phases and do not require a flatness requirement for the structural subfloor.

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