Multiproject floor MPV100

The safest floor for wet rooms

The MPV100 multiproject flooring system consists of a 28-mm thick slotted support plate with brass, which makes this type of flooring different from traditional computer flooring. In order to be able to get under the floor, inspection hatches can be installed. The plates are made of mineral fibre reinforced calcium sulphate. The supporting structure consists of galvanised steel augers with head and foot plates. These are variable adjustable over + and – 30mm.

At higher loads, the multiproject floor can be combined with an IV1260 substructure.

This type of floor is mainly used for wet rooms and lends itself perfectly to a top coat finish as desired.


Savings and benefits thanks to an Alteco floor

Alteco offers floor systems with a high dynamic and static stability, extensive expertise and a high degree of flexibility in the execution possibilities. In addition, Alteco offers a very optimal price/performance ratio. These characteristics ensure that Alteco is involved in modern, sustainable and special projects worldwide.

Cost-saving through efficiency in design and realisation

The levelling frames for UPS and air conditioning cabinets, among others, are integrated in the substructure. The substructure is completely assembled in a conductive manner, making an earth grid superfluous. The installation floor can be completed at a much more advantageous time (after watering the building) and with considerable time and cost savings.

Outstanding quality, flexibility and stability go hand in hand

The installation floors are fire resistant, suitable for intensive cabling and large air ducts and can easily be modified or extended. These floors are completely detachable, can be assembled in several phases and do not require a flatness requirement for the structural subfloor.

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