The best floor for all your office spaces


Flexible and sustainable customization for various office spaces.

An office is often multi functionally furnished with a variety of rooms and functions. Meeting rooms, reception areas and wet rooms such as sanitary facilities and kitchens require a multi-project floor that excels in both flexibility and stability.


The engineering, production and assembly of your specific wishes

Alteco delivers custom-made products. This means that we produce, engage and assemble entirely on the basis of your order. So, we can switch directly when needed. It also prevents unnecessary costs or loss of materials.

The safest floor for wet rooms

The MPV100 multi-purpose flooring system consists of a 28-mm thick slotted support plate with brass, which makes this type of flooring different from traditional computer flooring. In order to be able to get under the floor, inspection hatches can be installed. The plates are made of mineral fibre reinforced calcium sulphate. The supporting structure consists of galvanised steel augers with head and foot plates. These are variable adjustable over + and – 15mm.

At higher loads, the multi-purpose floor can be combined with an IV1260 substructure.

This type of floor is mainly used for wet rooms and lends itself perfectly to a top coat finish as desired.

Lower energy consumption and a smaller chance of hotspots

The computer floor system Altecom 6060 is an elevated floor system that offers a high degree of flexibility and freedom of installation.

Floor panels are placed on steel augers near the computer floors. These augers are glued or, if necessary, screwed on.

The panels themselves remain removable, so that the space underneath them can be intensively wired up and remains accessible for work at all times.

With higher installation heights (from approx. 400 mm), distance profiles can provide additional stability.

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