Alteco is a much sought-after supplier on the Scandinavian market. A market that places high demands on sustainable project development and renovation.

Since the 1970s, Scandinavia has been a leader in sustainable energy generation and project development, in contrast to the rest of Europe, which is still in the process of transition.

Within the Scandinavian market, Rittal is an important partner for Alteco. Rittal provides complete system solutions for the renewable energy infrastructure and is the developer of formulas and evaluation standards for calculating the energy efficiency of server rooms and data centres.

Rittal and Alteco have important agreements in terms of vision and realisation. These agreements ensure a strong collaboration, especially within projects where innovation and sustainability are paramount. Where Rittal provides the infrastructure, Alteco completes the project with a high-quality solution in raised floors.

“Our own developed floor is the innovative and sustainable protagonist in this regard.”

What makes Alteco a sustainable partner? The in-house designed IV1260 floor is to date the most stable and safest floor system on the international market. The supporting structure has been designed in such a way that it cannot be overloaded. This means that renovation is not an issue. Because all production facilities are under our own control, there is complete control over material and energy consumption. Each process is fully attuned to the wishes of the client. This not only means a favourable result in terms of price and speed, but also that the process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

“We want to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. This is a remarkable ambition for developers with a LEED or BREAAM ambition.”

And because we have all the production facilities under our own control, we keep a grip on material and energy consumption. Each process is fully tailored to the wishes of the client. This not only means a favourable result in terms of price and speed for the client, but also that the process is as economical as possible for the environment.

A good project that illustrates the collaboration between Rittal and Alteco is an initiative of TeliaSonera (Finland), which has the largest data centre in Finland built. This project runs 100% on green energy and is fully designed according to Green Building guidelines. This LEED certified project illustrates the strength of our cooperation in the Scandinavian market.