Since 2008, Robbin van Gool and Marcel Golstein have been working together on what Hans Wenger once founded: Alteco Europe. With its raised floors, Alteco is laying the foundations for many data centres, power stations, technical rooms and switch rooms in the industrial and energy sectors. In 2014, we acquired Alteco from Hans.

Hans had a good view on quality, innovation and flexibility. This view has become the basis of our contemporary vision on innovation, realisation and renovation.

We are passionate about achieving the highest possible quality in realisation and aftercare for contractors/installation companies and end users and that starts – in our opinion – with development. We manage this development internally. We have at our disposal: our own production facility, our own engineering, assembly and transport so that we are completely independent and can fine-tune all aspects of the process to the situation; accurately anticipate, flexibly deliver and translate developments in the market into realisable possibilities.

“We remain critical, only in this way can we guarantee the highest possible quality in the long term.”

Two of our priorities are innovation and renovation. We are highly committed to the development of our own floor systems with flexible grid sizes, associated ventilation grids and lift systems that come in handy for precarious renovations. For the latter, we work together with specially trained personnel.

Returning to the floor system: it has a support construction consisting of steel posts and a grid of support profiles. These are connected to the posts completely electrically conductive on top plateswith hammerhead screws, i.e. a ‘galvanic unit’ that can be used for potential equalisation. Thanks to this unique support structure, a grid of 600×600 mm up to 6000 kg per square metre can be used. And that immediately after assembly.

Another innovative product that we work with, with great success, is our elevator system that helps us with many renovations of existing floors. Particularly that of data centres. Over the years, the server racks within these data centres have become too heavy for the traditional floor, so it needs to be replaced. By hitchhiking these racks, we take care of the total floor renovation while all equipment remains on line.

“This kind of successful innovation stimulates our passion all the more to translate market developments into opportunities.”

We are proud of what we do and are happy to show you that.