The installation of the ALTECO IV 1260 floor system is one of the most stable and safest floor systems on the European market to date.
In addition to its mechanical safety, this floor also meets optimal electrical conductivity (according to Kema report at a distance of 20 metres diagonally up to 0.5 Ohm), the perfect answer to the ESD/EMC problem.

With regard to traditional concrete floors with recesses, our installation floor can be used at a much more favourable time (after waterproofing the building) and with considerable time and cost savings.

The stability of the substructure does not depend on sheet metal support. This makes it possible to use a temporary mounting cover during the installation and commissioning period. This prevents damage to the final finish. This system allows a building height of up to approx. 2 metres at a load of 1800 kg/m2. This is subject to a security factor of 1.35.
All components of the substructure are screwed together in a fully electrically conductive manner. One grounding point per angle is usually sufficient. Any connection points are provided for this purpose.
On the ALTECO IV 1260 floor system, control cabinets, battery units and air conditioning units can be installed or relocated at any time.
Separate installation frames to support switch boxes and similar equipment become superfluous when using the above floor system.
Furthermore, this floor is again removable and does not require a flatness requirement for the constructional subfloor. Furthermore, it is possible to build in 2 or more phases. Depending on the number of cupboard units, the floor as a whole may require less investment than the individual installation frames. After third parties have opened the ALTECO IV 1260, the floor does not (normally) need to be adjusted. (Saving of unforeseen costs)
The use of floor panels with steel plate (0.5 mm) on the underside allows a higher static point load compared to a panel with foil on the underside.
It will also increase the conductivity (when using panels with a conductive finish at the top).

ALTECO is therefore of the opinion that it is justified in doing so:
– The above-average dynamic and static stability of our floor systems, a great deal of expertise and a great deal of flexibility in the design options, as well as an optimal price/performance ratio explain the high demand of modern designers for our products.
Our advice regarding the building heights is: at least 350 – 400 mm. if the space under the floor is used for cooling and/or air transport.